Why Wedding Save the Date Scratch off Cards are important?

Published: 22nd June 2011
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Save the date scratch off cards are gaining huge popularity and has become an important part of the wedding planning. Wedding save the date card is an invitation to the wedding with a much advance notice. You would definitely not want only few of your guests attending your big day just because other guests have several other pre-planned agendaís for the day. This can turn your big day into a nightmare after all the hard work that you have done for your wedding. This is where your wedding save the date scratch off cards come in picture, these cards serve the sole purpose of saving the date for your wedding with a plenty of advance notice. Once you have your wedding date and location set, it is important to get your save the date scratch off cards made.

If you are planning to invite people from within and across the city, this save the date will give them enough time to make their travel arrangements. By sending these cards at least 5-6 months before the wedding will give them time to book flights hotels at a better rate.

If you are planning a destination wedding at some exciting and exotic destination and you want your guests to come along. You should give them as much time as possible to make their plan. Sending a save the date card will give them opportunity to plan their trip more efficiently and chances of them attending your wedding will surely increase.

People today have busy lives and they are constantly making plans to spend time with their family. If you are seriously hoping and want most of your guests to attend your wedding, save the date card can help you achieve more RSVPs to your wedding invitation. If you will send, save the date card at least 6 months before, your potential guests may have already made plans for your wedding. If you will intimate them prior they will not make any other plans for the day.

The basic idea of save the date card is very simple. It is intended to inform your guests when and where your wedding is. So, very basic and clear information is required on your card. Just be sure that you include your names, date and venue of the wedding. Also write invitations to follow in the bottom, so that your guests should know that this is not the invitation itself and an invitation should be send within 6 weeks before your wedding.

Save the date card can be printed or homemade if you are tight on budget. However, there are no rules to make a save the date card. You can make them as creative and imaginative as you want to. Itís a fun way to share the happy news. If you want to guarantee that your guests will save a date for your wedding, nothing can work the best other than save the date cards. On an important note- you should never e-mail save the date card after all there is always an expectation to a rule. Never break this one!

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